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About .ether Name Service

.ether is a decentralized naming service developed on the Ethereum network. .ether aims to provide web3 with an online identity solution that only requires a one-time payment for ownership, unique referral program with commission, fair launch and distribution, and next-gen subdomain utility.

Do you think Ethereum deserves a better name service? You are in the right place. Take a closer look at us for a decentralized, higher quality name service.

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.ether Name Service Other ENS
One Time Payment
Referral Program
Correct Character Set
Fair Pricing
Fair Launch
Mintable & Salable Subdomain
Developable NFT Subdomain
Advanced Metadata
Creator Fee 0%
Build a .ether community
create custom content for your community
Also no code and free. Get more information.
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Pay only once.
You don't pay for your .ether domain every year.
Just buy once and it's always yours.

Referral Program powered by Smart Contract

The referral program of the .ether project works directly with the smart contract. In this way, your income is paid instantly.

Introduce .ether to communities. Use https://ether.domains/?r=Your_ETH_Address when promoting. Every user coming with this link gets a 20% discount. You earn 20 percent from each sale. If you have a .ether domain registered in your wallet, you earn 30%. Your payments are instantly transferred to your wallet every time the users you refer make a payment. No waiting, no risk.


Correct Character Set

Only latin characters and numbers can be used in .ether domains. This prevents malicious use and ensures that the supply remains low.


Fair Pricing & Launch

In the .ether project, you do not pay by the number of characters. The price is the same for all users and all domains.

The .ether project was launched at the same time for everyone, fairly. Before the start of the sale, only the ether.ether address was registered by us. Other than that, millions of options started fair for all users.


Mintable & Salable NFT Subdomain

One of the biggest features that distinguishes .ether from similar name services is our perspective on subdomains. In other services, a separate nft is not created for subdomains. Therefore, subdomains created cannot be sold to anyone else.

In the .ether name service, an NFT is created for each created subdomain. Moreover, you can make a public sale for the domain you own. Set the price you want and start sales.

Let's explain this with an example. For example, you have the address gates.ether. You can create as many subdomains as you want for free at this address. For example, you can create the address jack.gates.ether or john.gates.ether. Creating a subdomain is always free for the domain owner.

But you can start a public sale by owning this domain name. For example, set a price of 0.01 ETH, and activate the Public Sale. Now anyone can register a subdomain on gates.ether.
If a user comes and registers bill.gates.ether or sam.gates.ether, they pay 0.01 ETH and 0.009 ETH (10% commission) is instantly transferred to your wallet. Users who register subdomains from your domain can manage or sell their subdomains independently from you.


Integration with .ether is easy

Integrating .ether with your applications is as easy as writing a few lines of code. We have a web3.js API for easy use. By reviewing our library on our Github page, you can achieve the integration you want in just minutes.

You can easily perform all transactions, including new .ether registrations, with our library.

const web3 = new Web3(Web3.givenProvider)
// First create a web3js provider

const etherNS = new EtherNS(web3)
// You are now ready for .ether

    // Returns the primary address registered to this address.

    // Returns the resolved ethereum address of the .ether name.

YOUR_REFERRAL_ADDRESS,web3.utils.toWei('0.02', 'ether'))
if (result['status']) {
    // Registration Successful
} else {
    // Registration Failed


The .ether project is decentralized. It only needs ethereum blockchain to work.

The .ether address was launched in a completely fair way to gain the support of the entire Ethereum community. Everyone is the same when it comes to equality of price and opportunity.

The project has not been started yet. Integrations with many web3 and web2 platforms will be made and announced after launch.

Visitors you send to https://ether.domains/?r=YOUR_ETH_ADDRESS

+User gets +20 Percent discount.
+You earn 20 percent for every registration that users make with discounted prices.
+If you use a .ether address as the primary address, you gain 30 percent.
+Payments are all paid by our smart contract when the user pays.

For example, if a user uses the link you gave him to register; they pay 0.04 ETH instead of 0.05 ETH. If you have an .ether address, you will receive 0.015 ETH instantly. That's how easy and safe it is!

Our goal in the .ether project is not just to provide a name service to the community. Our main goal is to allow people to build communities through .ether projects. Developable subdomains will make the most important contribution to this. Thanks to the expandable subdomains, anyone can both earn income and create their own community with .ether services by purchasing subdomain registrations over a domain name.

With developable subdomains, a user can sell multiple domains under their own domain name. .ether also makes 10% profit from these sales. In this way, a continuous income increase is provided to the ecosystem.

We believe this will happen. The .ether project, like other Ethereum name services, is built on a smart contract. Resolving a .ether address is as easy as retrieving data from a contract. We know many integrations will be achieved quickly as our community expands.

We are ready to share a large part of our revenues with quality services that will provide integration with us. Integrating with .ether is pretty easy. If you need support you can follow the instructions on Github.

Contact us. You can send your question/suggestion or collaboration proposal to [email protected]
Before You Register

The minimum character length is 1 , and the maximum character length is 20 characters. This may be updated in the future. The same character length is valid for subdomains. Subdomains of 20 characters and main domains of 20 characters can be registered.

There are no characters in our character set that could cause misunderstandings. Therefore, only latin characters, numbers, the "-" symbol and the "_" symbol can be used. Characters other than these characters cannot be used. This way we are protected from characters that are the same but are resolved differently.

Character Set : 0123456789-_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

The registration price is 0.02 Ethereum to start. Then the price will then down to 0.01 ethereum.

To do this, you should use a secondary market such as Opensea , Looksrare , X2Y2.

No. You pay once and you don't have to pay again for life.

We can't know. .ether names are purely personal. Choose what feels best to you. If you want to register for investment, you can review successful names in similar initiatives before. But each system has its own dynamics. Since the .ether project will use subdomains more effectively, we think that the names that can be sold for subdomains will be more valuable.
After You Register

After registering your domain name, browse to it and save your new information by clicking the "Edit" link next to the domain you want to change. Managing your domain is completely free, you only pay gas fees. If you purchased a domain name from the secondary market, don't forget to change the resolve address.

To do this, you should use a secondary market such as Opensea , Looksrare , X2Y2.

If you have a new registration, your resolve address is automatically saved as the registering wallet. If you purchased a domain name from the secondary market, don't forget to change the resolve address.

To start a public sale, simply change the "Subdomain" option on your domain's page to public and write your price. After your transaction is confirmed on the ethereum network, you can start selling immediately. You can also make your sale according to the Allow list you define. We are still developing this, it will be available very soon.

Yes you can! The .ether project is completely built on the blockchain and you can sell through any application you want. You need a developer to help you do this today. But very soon we will present you the tools to do this without writing any code.
.ether is a name service with advanced features developed for Ethereum. Developed with love for Ethereum.

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